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Welcome to Advice4MEDIA

Advice4MEDIA is a conscious and socially committed services provider. We enable our clients to reach out the best of the global practices. Incorporated 15 years ago, Advice4MEDIA has registered its presence in the realm of professional service organizations and has a presence in the major metros cities of India. We are also serving growing SAARC countries as well, one of Asia’s potentially promising growth areas.

Advice4MEDIA has rich experience and also the freshness of contemporary approaches and solutions. Advice4MEDIA straddle the infotainment world, a mind-boggling array of fields ranging from the political to the economic, business, markets, the NGO sector, entertainment, travel and tourism. A conscious and committed service corporation that caters every conceivable class of clientele those who want to avail of timely state-of-the art services which include our contacts to markets, the Socio-Economic sector, Industries , Real Estate, Education and Travel & Tourism. Timely, relevant and up-to-date knowledge alone can lend your Organization/ Department  Business venture that badly needed competitive edge, so vital to success in an increasingly competitive world.

Advice4MEDIA empowers its clients by delivering timely and premium quality services, from a professionally focused, competent and experienced team.

During the past Fifteen years, Advice4MEDIA has been active in the following fields:

  • Various professional services like Social Events Consulting, Executive Search Services, Professional Advice and Leadership Development.
  • Sharing of Knowledge and Expertise in Science, Arts and Technology in Social Sectors.
  • Collaboration in Joint Cases and Case Support and Intellectual Personality Development.
  • Contacts with Government/Semi-Government bodies and other Professional Corporate/Social sector Organizations, NGOs and INGOs
  • An entire range of miscellaneous services customized to meet the needs of our society.

Apart from this Advice4MEDIA also has a strong footprint in the NGO sector. We have Organized many interactive meets and full-fledged programs for developmental NGOs, Private Organizations entirely or largely Independent of Government, addressing concerns such as Social and Humanitarian issues of Development, Individual and Community Welfare and well-being, disadvantage, and poverty, as well as environmental and natural resources protection, management, and improvement. Our work in this arena covers diverse geographical locales, with strong emphasis on India’s North-East and Nepal.

Advice4MEDIA is committed to serving the diverse and growing needs of its varied clientele in a truly professional and mutually beneficial manner.

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